1. Tax Reform: employer-related provisions. House and Senate side by side

  2. NY Paid family leave is taxable premiums reported in box 14

  3. US Dept. of Labor requesting comments on overtime rule for salaried employees

  4. Social Security wage base projections 2018 - 2026

  5. Parking benefits not deductible when paid with after tax dollars

  6. Trump's Tax plan - employer considerations

  7. IRS will not waiver on nonqualified deferred compensation timing rules

  8. American Healtchare Act amended accelerates tax provisions

  9. Mobile workforce tax simplication bill introduced again

  10. House Republicans release ACA repeal and replace plan

  11. IRS warns of return of payroll email phishing scam

  12. Trump signs ACA executive order freezes regulations

  13. Pennsylvania guidance on terminations of NJ reciprocal tax agreement

  14. NY Issues final payroll debit card regulations

  15. IRS relaxes registration requirements for professional employer organizations

  16. NJ Governor considers end to PA reciprocal agreement

  17. IRS rules on the tax treatment of wellness benefits

  18. New York law raises minimum wage, requires paid family leave

  19. IRS WOTC guidance for exempt organizations hiring vets

  20. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania paid sick leave law is overturned

  21. Connecticut explains 15 day nonresident de minimus rule

  22. Congress retroactively reinstates transit benefit party and work opportunity tax credit

  23. Connecticut law provides 15 day nonresident de minimus rule

  24. Payroll Perspectives November

  25. IRS Launches campaign to assist everyone in protecting taxpayer information

  26. District of Columbia state paid leave fund proposed

  27. IRS clarifies ACA reporting of TINs and health reimbursement arrangements

  28. New York raises minimum wage for fast food workers - push to extend to all

  29. IRS announces ID theft security services aren't available

  30. IRS proposed to eliminate form W-2 automatic filing extension

  31. Social Security wage projections 2016 - 2024

  32. California Emeryville sick leave ordinance includes dogs

  33. Connecticut law moves W-2 filing due to January 31

  34. Federal proposed overtime regulations now available

  35. New Jersey calendar year 2016 taxable wage base to increase

  36. IRS Audit guidelines for non qualified deferred comp plans

  37. Supreme Court rules same-gender marriage bans unconstitutional

  38. Puerto Rico law affects personal income tax

  39. Massachusetts paid sick leave transition rules

  40. Massachusetts releases proposed sick leave law regulations

  41. New York City income tax withholding revised effective June 1

  42. IRS Issues Final Regulation on Key Executive Compensation

  43. District of Columbia employers must provide notice of Wage Theft Prevention Act

  44. Philadelphia mandates paid sick leave for private sector employees

  45. New York City worker classification issues for brokers and their agents

  46. Federal Bill to ease nonresident income tax burden


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