Dear Payroll Professional Friends, 

I hope this email finds you well and that you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2015! 

We understand that our children are truly our future. And that means our future CPP's & FPC's! As many of you know the APA NY Metro Chapter began our Community Outreach program in early 2014. Our goal was to collect back packs filled with school supplies & nonperishable healthy snacks and donate to schools in need.  Thanks to many of you reading this email, our drive was off to an awesome start! In mid-2014 I received an email communication from the National APA about the “Bring Home the Gold” Outreach opportunity to teach students the basics about their pay check. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to join the two initiatives and not only “feed” our children but “teach them how to fish”. Never did we imagine finding a school to accept our gracious offer would be so challenging. 

After much time & no success due to tons of red tape, I had the idea of reaching out to “After School Programs”. We found our match with Lt Joseph P Kennedy Center in Harlem, NY. On December 4th, 2015, we presented to about 20 High School Jr.'s & Sr.'s. The feedback was overwhelmingly fantastic! Each board member left with memories to last a lifetime and a desire to return “tomorrow”! Attached you will find those heartfelt responses. 

I am truly humbled & it is my honor & privilege to have finished my first term year as President & eighth year as Educational Director of an APA Local Chapter lead by a truly amazing board and members. Each and every board member fills a unique & invaluable role. Many of which are very new and completing their first year on the board. A very special thanks goes to Beverly Massey, Secretary & Judith Thomson, Government Liaison for accepting to head the NY Metro Chapter Community Outreach Committee! Another special thanks to 2 of our members Inez Perrault & Courtney Dickinson and their organization for the HUGE donation of back packs & supplies! 

Stay tuned for our next Community Outreach Initiative! 

Wishing you ALL Happy New Year & Much Payroll Success in 2015! 

Sharon Cook, CPP – President & Educational Director 
Michael Heredia, CPP – Vice President & Co-Treasurer 
Sharon Richardson, CPP – Co-Treasurer , Website & Study Group Co-Chair 
Beverly Massey, CPP - Secretary, Membership & Meeting Coordinator Chair 
Judith Thomson, CPP - Government Liaison 
Amy Yee - Website & Study Group Co-Chair

December 4, 2014 Lt, Joseph P Kennedy Center - Bring Home the Gold presentation & Back Pack Give Away

Dear NY Metro Chapter Members, Payroll Professional Friends, Speakers/Vendors past & future, 

The NY Metro Chapter has been extremely fortunate & blessed to have grown its membership in the past 10 years astronomically. The growth rate is attributed in part to an extremely passionate board and the partnership of speakers full of as much passion, a wealth of payroll knowledge & a willingness to share that knowledge in return for networking opportunities. 

The NY Metro Chapter Board thought that now is the perfect opportunity to give back and pay it forward by kicking off a Community Outreach Committee. Graciously heading up the committee, in addition to their current responsibilities, is Beverly Massey, Secretary & Judith Thomson, Government Liaison. 

We understand that our children are truly our future. And that means our future CPP's & FPC's! We'd like to begin our Community Outreach by collecting back packs filled with school supplies & nonperishable healthy snacks. With the technological age we live in, feel free to get as creative as possible! It can be as simple as a back pack filled with pens & pencils or as creative as one filled with a tablet or lap top. 

We will begin collecting in person at our April 10th breakfast seminar, followed by June 12th , commencing with the NPW Celebration & Full Day Seminar on September 12th, which coincides with the start of the new school year.  (to read more click here).